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Founded in 2003 by two pediatric dentists with just three Denver locations, Lone Peak Dental Group has grown to over 65 offices across 14 states: Alabama, Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Maryland, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. Some of our practices are located in areas specifically designed to treat underserved populations. Many of our patients appreciate the geography we’ve selected as they would otherwise have to travel quite far for dental care.

With a strategy of both de novo and affiliations, our pediatric specialty DPO believes in the tradition of community-based dental care. Each of our practices succeeds in its mission to leave no patient untreated regardless of their ability to pay.

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Dr. Schroeder

I was the owner and sole practitioner of a successful Children’s Dental practice for 20 years. The changing business climate and my desire for more personal freedom started me thinking of options for my future. Did I want to bring on an associate, sell my practice outright and retire, or sell to a corporation and continue to work?

I did my due diligence looking at all options. Selling to a corporation was not on the top of the list until I met the group at Lone Peak. They were different. They combined the best of both worlds. The support of a corporate accounting, human resource and marketing team along ...

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Dr. Cara Schroeder

I had the experience of practicing in almost every setting available to a dentist. I was an associate, a partner, a solo practitioner. I had started and sold practices.

I took the opportunity to join Lone Peak and become an owner/doctor in 2012. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to practice dentistry without worrying about payroll taxes and making sure W2's went out on time and all the other stuff I didn't enjoy spending time on. I loved having someone to consult about HR issues and even legal advice.

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Dr. Jeremy Hodge
General Dentist