Why Lone Peak?

Lone Peak believes doctor ownership is better for doctors, team members and the communities we serve. Therefore, it is our Mission to Honor and Serve our entrepreneurial dental professionals, who we support at our Smile Center in Denver, Colorado. The Smile Center provides management services through subject matter experts in all non-clinical operations.

Lone Peak’s support team ensures the growth in each of their partnered dental practices through a Proactive, Honest, and Responsive approach.

We know what doctors want and need to be successful

A Great Team

Lots of Patients

Seamless Technology

Systems and Processes

Additional Back-End Support

Human Resources, Accounts Receivable, Credentialing, Legal/Compliance, Malpractice Insurance, and more!

Lone Peak recognizes that all offices are unique and do things a little differently. One thing we are passionate about (and everyone can agree on) is the service we provide to our patients. Offering something called Kidsperience, we create a special experience each and every time a child walks through our doors by making the choice to go above and beyond. We take care of our business by taking care of the kiddos – every child, every time.

Lone Peak believes the Kidsperience service model is only as good as the doctors and team members providing the care. It is our duty to ensure we have the best and most talented people for the practices to succeed in their Mission. We also believe our patients receive better overall care and continuity when they see the same dental health provider. We believe retention accomplishes this!

Maybe our doctors stay because they appreciate the clinical autonomy and back-end support. Maybe our doctors stay because they love the culture and service from the Smile Center. Maybe our doctors stay because they find our unique compensation structure pays well above the national average. Or maybe it’s a combination of those and then some. Either way, our retention rate is exceptionally high for our partners and well above average for our associates.

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