Frequently Asked Questions

How are partnerships structured?

The patients, doctors, community and teams benefit from local ownership in many aspects and we look to continue this model throughout the country. Therefore, all our deals are structured with a mixture of a cash-based offering with continued ownership in the Practice. Our Partner-Doctors love this arrangement because it allows them to share in the future success of the practice.

How will the dentist be paid after the practice is sold?

Our Partner-Doctors typically make above the national average with competitive pay on total collections. This is very different from most models where the doctor is paid only on operative procedures and exams. We believe our doctors place high emphasis on hygiene visits and should be compensated for a strong program (with the exception treatment performed by a licensed hygienist.) Partners also receive monthly profit distributions based on the success of their practice! Each doctor has full control over their personal income and profit distributions.

What are my growth opportunities?

Lone Peak is built on partnerships with entrepreneurial dentists. We are selective because we’re not for everyone. The partnership model is designed for the dentist who wants to grow and share in the continued success of the practice they built.

What constitutes a good partner?

We are looking for like-minded Partner-Doctors who specialize in pediatric dentistry within our current geography, have a 7-10 chair facility, and treat the local community by welcoming state sponsored insurance. We have a strong preference for doctors who are looking to partner with a group for five years focusing on shared success.

What will happen to my staff?

We believe the team is just as important as the doctor for patient care and long-term continuity. While we strive for 0% turnover, there may be recommended changes to make the deal more attractive. We are completely upfront and discuss all expense-related items well in advance of any partnership. We generally shy away from practices with overinflated pay structures as it causes many future problems with limited win-win opportunities.

How long does the buy-sell process take?

Partnerships are different than a typical acquisition where the two parties are going to continue working together for a significant amount of time. After an introductory call and brief Q&A, Lone Peak will evaluate the financials of the practice – typically the most recent 3-years of P&Ls and tax returns. If it seems to be a financial fit, we will schedule an onsite visit.

What happens when the Partner-Doctor wants to sell their remaining equity upon retirement?

Ideally, every office has a Partner-Doctor active in their practice. The remaining ownership will be sold to a current associate or an incoming doctor when partners are ready to retire. The Practice that grows will improve the remaining ownership value for the selling doctor. The incoming doctor benefits by purchasing a solid office with healthy margins and cash flow.

Will Lone Peak re-brand the office?

We believe in Practice continuity and want to maintain your hard work developed over the years. Lone Peak will maintain the current name of the practice when appropriate. We will never rebrand the practice to a national name, but we may need to rename the practice if it follows a doctor’s personal name. In those cases, we use geography or local namesakes to choose a name.

We do brand our Kidsperience service model with collateral such as posters, websites, and team training manuals. This is more an effort to provide formal customer service training for our team members and not brand the local practice.

What other marketing related items should I expect?

Lone Peak will assess your current signage, websites, internal and external campaigns and provide immediate and future recommendations. Some of the recommendations require a software conversion to realize the full potential. For example, our new and current patients have the option to schedule online directly from our website or Google searches. Most software does not offer this convenient feature providing our practices with 10-25% of their new patient base! Lone Peak leverages its size to provide inexpensive marketing with the greatest ROI. Plus, Partner-Doctors only get charged for what their practice spends.

Why does Lone Peak want to purchase my practice?

We are in the beginning stages of dental practice consolidation. Lone Peak was founded by Pediatric Dentists who believe all children deserve high-quality dentistry in a caring environment regardless of their social or economic status. These beliefs drive our culture, behavior, and operations collectively providing the Kidsperience service model. We will have a greater impact by growing into other markets with like-minded dentists!

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