Lone Peak Dental Group Services

Human Resources

In order to allow our offices to focus on what they know best, Dentistry, our HR team has developed resources, tools, and systems to help our offices easily navigate the complexities of personnel management, payroll, and employee relations. We use world-class recruitment and HRIS systems and a majority of our processes are completely electronic, saving the Practice Leadership and Team Members time.

In addition to hiring and assisting with payroll, Lone Peak’s HR team is here to help guide you and your Practice Leadership through difficult situations. We will provide guidance in situations that range from typical every day events to the unusual and uncomfortable employee relations issues. We monitor, draft and communicate policies as local, state and federal regulations continually change. We try to make anything related to the Team Members easier to manage so you can focus on what you do best – dentistry!


From a compliance standpoint, we support our offices with more than just annual training requirements for OSHA, HIPAA and anti-harassment – but also from the perspective of a disgruntled parent, a Dental Board inquiry or regulatory audit.  We will advise how best to respond and even take on partnering with the Doctor to draft communications on more formal requests. Any requests that may come in, whether it be from a parent, attorney, Department of Health or other agency, will be sent to the Compliance Department.

Our world class compliance program is led by a team which includes our Chief Clinical Officer, Clinical Compliance Advisor, Compliance Committee, Clinical Compliance Committee, HIPAA Compliance Committee and Compliance Officer.  The compliance program ensures the offices have accurate recommendations, as required or recommended by the OIG, ADA and AAPD.  The Compliance Department has an in-depth program which provides hundreds of chart audits every year, including review of medical necessity, training on issues that may arise, review of outlier reports, and quarterly OSHA inspections at each office.  We also have a hotline that is monitored 365 days a year.


Contract negations and vendor management takes time away from treating patients. At Lone Peak we recognize the need for strategic vendor partnerships. We have curated a robust network of vendors driven to optimize treatment plans and support the care of our patients. Our teams have access to industry leading equipment, materials, and PPE without the headache of individual procurement. The procurement team understands that each clinician is different, and we are here to support you with your day to day supply and technology needs, so you can put your patients first.

Information Technology

Our dedicated IT team ensures that all  of our offices have the best technology to serve their patients.   Our team provides total assistance for all things IT in our offices.  That includes Practice Management Software, internet access, phones, radios, digital imaging equipment, patient education/entertainment, and other various IT related items.   With remote access to all of our computers for live tech support and a robust on-site tech service for installations and repairs, we offer a worry free approach for our offices technology needs.


The Finance team partners with our office leaders to provide timely and accurate periodic financial reporting along with operating analysis that enables our team members to make real-time, well-informed business decisions that lead to improved operations and prolonged success. We work directly with our leaders in the field to build detailed, attainable budgets by leveraging sophisticated analytics processes, and then benchmark against these budgets throughout each year. The task of defining and measuring KPIs is done in-house and we use data from our PMS to track performance and understand developing trends over time. With this information at our fingertips, we work towards more efficient practices, serving more children in need and creating an ever larger impact.

AR and Credentialing

The Accounts Receivables department at the Smile Center is there to support each & every office on our platform.  Our team provides an extra set of eyes & hands because we understand the busy day to day offices, patient care is always #1.  Just to mention a few services provided:

  • We are able to review reporting to ensure claims are being submitted & timely.
  • Our team will help your office work thru denials &/or appeals.
  • We can assist with working the office’s AR report if a team gets behind, we’ll call insurance companies & patients, send statements, the list goes on.
  • The team’s favorite area of support to provide is training, individually 1:1 or for a team.

We are all on the same TEAM & support is what we do!

 The Credentialing department is here to take the task of credentialing &/or recredentialing off your teams plate, this way they spend time with the patient.  Our rep is in-house with a vast knowledge of carriers, plans & processes.


Here are few reasons why Dentists from all over are partnering with Lone Peak Dental Group

  • We are Dentist owned and operated
  • Our Marketing team produces full schedules to keep you busy
  • Our providers enjoy above market compensation based on production with a strong benefits package
  • State of the art materials, technology, and equipment.
  • Clinical and ethical standards you can be proud to represent
  • True collaborative environment that encourages mentorship and teamwork
  • Clinical autonomy- treat your patients and we will handle the rest
  • A clear path to ownership is available if desired

What does it mean to practice in an office supported by Lone Peak Dental Group?

It means that you are ready to receive high quality management services on all non-clinical operations. It means that you can be confident because we are behind you, and we are composed of dental professionals from private practices and DSO’s throughout the country that have come together to bring the best of what they have learned over many years to Lone Peak Dental Group.


The Marketing team is committed to providing all of our practices with exceptional support by delivering targeted and strategic marketing to help your practice grow. Our team believes in giving all kiddos and their families a remarkable patient experience and is here to help your team deliver this memorable experience through our unique Kidsperience™ program.

Our team focuses on:

  • Targeted and strategic multichannel online and offline advertising plans that make sense for your individual practice.
  • Training to help your team provide exceptional customer experiences that build customer retention and loyalty.
  • Community presence and awareness through negotiating sponsorships and community events that help to build your presence in the community.

We understand that each community is unique, which is why we will connect with you to learn more about your existing marketing efforts, your patients, and location so we can craft an individualized marketing strategy for your practice.

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