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I was the owner and sole practitioner of a successful Children’s Dental practice for 20 years. The changing business climate and my desire for more personal freedom started me thinking of options for my future. Did I want to bring on an associate, sell my practice outright and retire, or sell to a corporation and continue to work?

I did my due diligence looking at all options. Selling to a corporation was not on the top of the list until I met the group at Lone Peak. They were different. They combined the best of both worlds. The support of a corporate accounting, human resource and marketing team along with the personal touch of working with a stellar group of human beings who cared about my business and continued to treat it as such even after the purchase.

I became an owner/doctor, a part of the Lone Peak Team. There was no cold corporate push. I made my own decisions backed up by best practices provided by the experts at Lone Peak. I couldn’t have been happier. Led by CEO, Ray Caruso, the Lone Peak Group is unique in that it provides the benefits of the warmth of a small business environment backed by the skill set only a big business network can provide. I highly recommend Lone Peak as a career path to new doctors coming out of dental school and as an option to established doctors such as myself who are looking for a change in strategy for their business. Lone Peak is simply the best!

Dr. Cara Schroeder


I had the experience of practicing in almost every setting available to a dentist. I was an associate, a partner, a solo practitioner. I had started and sold practices.

I took the opportunity to join Lone Peak and become an owner/doctor in 2012. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to practice dentistry without worrying about payroll taxes and making sure W2’s went out on time and all the other stuff I didn’t enjoy spending time on. I loved having someone to consult about HR issues and even legal advice.

Lone Peak has evolved over the years into a great company with which to partner. I get to work with some wonderfully intelligent people who support me and my practices. I get great pricing on supplies. While there is no “perfect” way to practice dentistry, working with Lone Peak has been the best experience I’ve had. I look forward to many years with the company as they help me achieve my goals.

Dr. Jeremy Hodge


In the 6 months that I worked for Lone Peak, I saw how the doctors were able to focus on  patient care without having to worry about the administrative aspects of running an office. I was so impressed that I joined the Lone Peak family of owner/doctor in February 2021. Having owned my offices for 15 years, I was very aware of the time involved in running a business and decided that I wanted to spend more time treating patients and enjoying my free time.  

I encourage any new graduate or a seasoned owner doctor, like me, to look into Lone Peak. 

Dr. Smita Patel


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