Press Release


Lone Peak Dental Group’s Payroll Manager is Raising Awareness for Eating Disorders by Rowing the Pacific

Denver, June 6, 2023 – Lone Peak Dental Group proudly announces its Payroll Manager, Jayme Linker, as she prepares to embark on an extraordinary journey to row across the Pacific Ocean. Jayme will be participating in The World’s Toughest Row, organized by Atlantic Campaigns, as part of a two-person team called Aloha Kai. The awe-inspiring 2,800-mile race is set to commence on June 12th, 2023, starting from the harbor of Monterey, California, and culminating in the magnificent Hanalei Bay on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

Among the 14 teams from around the globe, Aloha Kai, led by Jayme Linker and her partner Owen Gray, will be braving the treacherous waters of the Pacific Ocean. Jayme’s relentless determination and unwavering commitment to pushing her limits have been evident throughout her accomplished Endurance Racing career, one of which where she garnered recognition for her astounding achievement of rowing across the Atlantic.

This incredible endeavor is not only a testament to Jayme’s indomitable spirit but also serves as a platform for raising awareness about eating disorders. Having personally battled an eating disorder for more than two-thirds of her life, Jayme has dedicated herself to helping others who face similar struggles, with the hope of preventing them from enduring the same pain she experienced. Her ultimate aspiration is to establish a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting eating disorder awareness. Jayme is fervent about providing support to individuals combating eating disorders and enlightening communities about the multifaceted nature and sensitivity of this issue.

In light of Jayme’s unwavering commitment to driving awareness for eating disorders and her passion for making a positive impact, Lone Peak Dental Group is thrilled to announce its full support of her cause. As a demonstration of their dedication, Lone Peak Dental Group’s has pledged a substantial contribution of $7,500, with the utmost confidence that it will be utilized effectively to help Jayme achieve her goals.

Jayme Linker expressed, “Having witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of eating disorders on individuals, I am resolute in my determination to effect change and make a meaningful difference.”

With eager anticipation, Jayme is prepared to set sail on this momentous and demanding adventure that she has meticulously prepared for. The extended Lone Peak family and the public are encouraged to actively follow Jayme’s journey and lend their support towards her noble cause.