Lone Peak Dental Group Expands Its Reach in Maryland with the Acquisition of Eastpoint Pediatric Dental Associates

Denver, Colorado – Lone Peak Dental Group, a leading Dental Support Organization (DSO) specializing in pediatric dental care, is thrilled to announce the addition of Eastpoint Pediatric Dental Associates to its growing family of dental practices. This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone in Lone Peak’s expansion within the Maryland market, further solidifying its commitment to providing exceptional pediatric dental care to communities across the United States.

Founded in 2003, Lone Peak Dental Group has rapidly grown to become one of the largest pediatric specialty DSOs in the country, boasting 75 offices across 14 states. The organization’s success is rooted in its unique approach to dental care, focusing on community-based services, strategic de novo establishments, and meaningful affiliations. Lone Peak’s mission is to ensure that no child goes untreated due to financial constraints, a commitment that is deeply embedded in every practice within its network.

In 2021, Lone Peak made its initial foray into the Maryland market by acquiring three dental offices, which have since thrived under its stewardship. The integration of these practices has been met with great success, demonstrating Lone Peak’s ability to enhance service delivery and patient care through its comprehensive support model. The addition of Eastpoint Pediatric Dental Associates in Baltimore represents a continuation of this growth strategy, expanding Lone Peak’s presence and reinforcing its dedication to the children and families of Maryland.

Dr. Warren Brill, the owner of Eastpoint and former President of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) from 2013 to 2014, expressed his confidence in the acquisition. “Over the years, I have talked to multiple buyers who were interested in my practice, but I feel most comfortable with Lone Peak. With their people, culture, and focus on Pediatric dental care, I feel they are a good match for me,” said Dr. Brill. His endorsement underscores the alignment of values and vision between Eastpoint Pediatric Dental Associates and Lone Peak Dental Group, promising a future of continued excellence and dedication to patient care.

This new partnership is poised to enhance the dental health landscape in Baltimore, offering unparalleled pediatric dental services and reaffirming Lone Peak Dental Group’s position as a leader in community-based dental health initiatives. “As Lone Peak continues to grow, its focus remains steadfast on our mission to provide accessible, high-quality dental care to all children, regardless of their financial circumstances.” states Ray Caruso, CEO of Lone Peak Dental Group. “We are thrilled Dr. Brill selected us as his partner and believe our alignment will further the ability to help more children in this community and beyond.”

For more information about Lone Peak Dental Group and its mission, please visit https://www.lonepeakdentalgroup.com/.

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